How to Teach Your Children About Being Green

Having a family can increase your interest in how your family can be environmentally friendly while keeping money in your wallet. Here are some of the ways you can be green and save green:

Cut the Juice

I don’t mean cut the juice out completely, I mean cut it in half. We buy 100% juice whenever possible in the large, plastic jugs, which are good for recycling. After that, we pour half the juice directly into another large box and fill equally half-filled juice pots with water. That doubles the veggie juice, saving you funds, and ensures your son or daughter don’t get as much sugar (even whether it is fruit sugar).

Buy Secondhand Regularly

If you’re easy on the wallet, then you love a good garage sale. For my children, garage sales certainly are a weekly ritual. We’ve bought toys, clothes, appliances – anyone name it. It’s saved us your fortune.

Have a Garage Sale or Swap Items with Friends

I know once my children grow out of their clothes or toys, I’m dying to get rid of them. The best way is to hold a garage sale, where you can make some money. Or, ask your family and friends if they need the clothes or toys. You’ll also find that people will ask you if you need toys or clothes for your own children. Always say yes! You never know what you’ll end up needing. Plus, you can always donate items to charity if you end up not using them.

The ultimate way to go green as a family is to discover the green living information and teach your young ones what it means to protect the planet. Get them interested in recycling, gardening along with being energy-efficient. It’s the simplest way to ensure they attend to their environment… and learn the meaning of a greenback!

Of course, be gentle with yourself and with your child as you learn to be more committed. If you cave and let your kids stay home because you are too tired, let it go. Recommit to attending consistently and enjoy the free time. We aren’t machines, and we will make mistakes. However it is a slippery slope if we allow ourselves or our kids to make decisions based on our feelings at the time. If our feelings rule, we are likely to have short-term pleasure at the expense of the success, fulfillment and happiness that we crave.

Discipline truly is a gift that will keep on giving. If you teach your child to take commitment seriously, he or she will have the backbone of character already in place. Other virtues such as honesty and empathy can be built upon this backbone. However without discipline, the other virtues may not be as fully utilized, and will not be able to help your child attain the goals that he or she has for life.

We all want our kids to have the character traits that are required to succeed. In our modern world it is so easy for parents to get confused about the fact that facing some discomfort and even pain is necessary for good child development. If we pick the easy life with regard to ourselves and our children, we are inadvertently selecting a life of a lesser amount of character, less self-discipline and less delight. That isn’t what any person want for our children. Is it?