Best Books on Global Warming

The world media has bombarded us with doom and gloom scenarios. Former politicians have been given the highest awards in science for scaring us with docu-dramas. The United Nation demands the world acts or we are all going to cook to death in a giant crock pot of green house gases? But, at the end of the day the temperature hasn’t risen much, the ocean hasn’t risen at all and much of all this nonsense, appears to be hot air, at least the global-warming dissenters believe, now labeled as “Deniers” even though they have proof and research to back them up.

It is for this reason that perhaps, I have decided to look at the facts. And have read research, books, watched speaker, and looked at all the information. If you are wondering why Climate Change fears are showered upon us and if the actual data is real, then I surely recommend this book to you:

One of the best books on climate change that I have read recently is – “Climate of Extremes; Global Warming Science They Don’t Want You to Know,” by Patrick Michaels and Robert Balling; Cato Institute Press, Washington DC; (2009); ISBN-13: 978-1933995236. I read this in a couple of days on my Amazon Kindle, if you are interested take a look here to see what is the best Kindle to buy. There are also books available at

The author state; “Global Warming Alarmists often do not check their own facts,” several times throughout the books. Luckily for the reader, these authors have! This 250 page book is very well footnoted and very easy to read and understand. The authors make a new point of hypocrisy of the global-warming alarmists on nearly every single page. It is written for the layman and in such simple terms you can follow along very easily. You will become disgusted by the end of this book at the global warming fraud, and what it will mean for the future of our nation and economy. Please consider putting this book on your reading list.

In the Arctic the effects are mostly apparent. The temperatures in Alaska and parts of Canada and Russia have been shown to have risen at twice the average around the world. The ice is disappearing and it’s been estimated that the summer may be completely devoid of ice by the year 2040.

In 1910 Montana Glacier National Park had one hundred fifty glaciers. Currently it’s down to twenty seven. Thawing and freezing which come along with season changes is off kilter as well as a result of global warming.

These are just a few of the effects currently being seen as a result of global warming. Many of them can be found in global warming books. Many people have pointed their fingers at humans as being the culprit for global warming. There are thousands of scientists worldwide that have come to a consensus that, yes, humans have caused most of the warming of our planet.

If you find some detailed books, you can delve deeper into the issues and causes surrounding global warming. A short list of causes you can be prepared to read about include the following: pollution, industrialization, deforestation, carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide. I do have to point out though, that there are people on both sides of the fence. You’ll also find books in which people refute the claims of the issue. It’s interesting to compare and contrast to decide what you believe.

Steve Copes has been working for a long time on world green issues including current topics like homelessness, eradication of war, poverty and many other controversial subjects that are usually dropped by world management and politicians. Even though his initiatives haven’t been recognized nationally the job he has performed has been gratefully received by the individuals who matter for instance his work with the fishing industry and the impact on the seas and oceans due to global warming [] and the knock on effect that will have on people that currently live in poverty.